The best of Love with the Best Quiz

Do you want to know how to make a crazy man fall in love with you? Look no further, read on. You’ve been dating for a few weeks or even months and you already feel yourself sinking under the powers of Cupid.

The only problem is that you cannot read your partner, where you feel that he really appreciates you, but that something, a little nothing is missing to ignite in him the spark of love. In the am I in love quiz you can check if you know the below mentioned matters.

Love is a feeling and by definition cannot be controlled and invented, of course, but a helping hand is more than recommended, you are then in charge of giving the first match to light the flame, which we hope, won’t go out anytime soon.

Here are my tips for giving love a boost and transforming an “I really like you” into a “sincere” I love you. In other words, how to make him fall in love and stiff with you?

Make a man in love: Know how to distance yourself

After a few weeks, even if he really appreciates you, your man does not want to consider himself your savior and your only crutch.

  • You are an independent adult, at least you were before you met him, so don’t mess up while becoming totally dependent on him. Know how to remain autonomous, even distant and absent from time to time. Not only will he miss you more and more, he will also find it increasingly difficult to be away from you.
  • Do not answer his texts or called as soon as you receive them, let him wait a little. You have a life outside of this relationship, so show it by not being available all the time.
  • Similarly, do not sacrifice your previous life, continue to see your friends and practice your hobbies . You can invite her to join you certainly, because it is important to share within the couple.
  • Nevertheless, know how to keep mystery and your habits from your previous life. It will also keep you from feeling clueless if a breakup (hopefully) should happen in the future. It is important that you keep your group of friends each on your side.

Of course, it is nice that each member of the couple gets along with each other’s friends, however you do not want them to consider you now only as a couple, a single entity that it is not possible to to separate ; you each have your own personality..

The Modern Women

Today’s woman wants to be autonomous and independent, while knowing how to make herself indispensable. This is why, in addition to showing your man that you have character and a life outside of your relationship, you will have to play on your assets to be essential to him.

To make a man fall in love, and to keep him, one of the important points is to avoid tire of him. Surprises, broken routines and playing with multiple facets of your personality are all elements involved in this design.

Surprise him, and say no to the routine

From the start of your relationship, your role is to show your man that he won’t be bored with you. Be careful though, arguments, melodramas and fits of tears are all events that help to break the boredom, however it is not really the attitudes that one has in mind when thinking of the different stratagems and methods to make a man in love.

Post Author: Sky Felipe