Rikki Six- Makes you learn about foreplay.

If you want to improve your sexual experience, keen to learn new techniques and benefit from it, erotic videos of Rikki Six is a staple source. Indulging in foreplay is engrossing, and charming in its own way, instead of rushing into forced penetration, it prepares your body and mind for ultimate joy, pleasure. Foreplay gives the gestation period both to you and partner to make things more steamy and sexy. During foreplay, you explore each other hidden passion, desire, hidden thoughts and fantasies. This open line of communication fortifies the emotional and sensual bond. Make every night, your honeymoon nighttime.

The steamy scene 

The attractive, lovely, sensuous lady is lying on the bed, hot as if the ice is melting. Her cheeks flushed, her soles are tingled by a feather by the man. She is dripped in sweat beads dazzling like diamonds in her soft mounds and the valley. He holds her both wrists and tied to the bedpost with a silken cloth. She is vulnerable, helpless from the sweet torture of her lover. Her eyes are pleading for more pleasure, she wants to hold the erection, but could not. The restrain is driving her crazy. The scene is arousing, thrilling when both of you watch the clip; it certainly stimulates the flare of passion and sex.

Start your foreplay outside the bedroom; spend time together. Start taking baby steps, cook a meal together, cuddle while watching a movie, go for a candlelit dinner. Take time to strengthen the bond outside the bedroom. Learn about each other’s passion, hobby, mindset and approach to life and aspirations. Best way to spice up your sex life to watch teasing porn together. You will admire the gorgeous body of the model while kissing, squeezing your partner. Sometimes a war touch speaks more than a thousand words.

Post Author: Sky Felipe