Period Sex Guide: What You Should Know

Period sex might be more enjoyable than regular sex. Once you’ve figured out how to have sex during your period, you can’t resist living your best life with it. Having sex on your period has the potential to be healthy and even beneficial. You may notice that your arousal level rises during your period and that wanting to have sex increases your relationship with your partner.

Moreover, not understanding what it is to have period sex may be uncomfortable and messy if you are not ready. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding sex on your period before you go staining your new white bedding.

Is It Possible to Have Sex During Your Period?

It’s completely normal to have either an intercourse or outercourse during menstruation, as long as you’re comfortable and in the mood.

Women have struggled with guilt around their sexuality and menstruation for millennia. There is no biological basis for either of these things making you feel unpleasant, either together or individually. In reality, if you and your partner are comfortable with it, period sex has several mental and physical health advantages.

Is It Possible To Have Oral Sex While On Your Period?

It is safe to have oral sex during your period. Your greatest fear is most likely the mess. Still, there are a variety of solutions, such as menstruation cups and menstrual discs, that may hopefully let you have a blood-free oral activity. Moreover, oral sex is also an excellent opportunity to focus on stimulating the clit, which rests outside the vaginal opening on your vulva.

Is There Anything Negative About Period Sex?

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, even period sex. Some drawbacks, such as messiness, are more visible than others. If you have period sex, you and your spouse are more likely to get a bit bloodied at the end.

Despite having sex during your period may aid with lubrication, this is only true if you haven’t used a tampon in a long time. If you remove a tampon shortly before intercourse, it’s possible that it’s already absorbed part of your natural lubricant and dried you up.

How Do You Have Sex When You’re On Your Period?

There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you are safe, which entails utilising preventive measures for pregnancy and doing it in a consenting context. Nevertheless, you can do a few things to make period sex smoother and less unpleasant.

Communicate with your partner.

Talk about their feelings and express your worries. Communication, like everything else in a relationship, is crucial.

Before you have period sex, take off your feminine product.

Make sure you remove your menstruation cup or tampon if you’re using one. To not forget, it’s advisable to remove your feminine product before commencing anything.

Obtain a towel.

Using a dark towel to prevent a mess on your linens is a simple solution. Just double-check that you have it before you begin. Then, instead of having to spot clean your bedding, toss it in the washing machine or hamper.

Make use of birth control.

It is theoretically more difficult to conceive during menstruation. However, this does not rule out the possibility of using birth control. Always take birth control unless you intend to create, and keep in mind that a monthly cup or disc will not prevent pregnancy.

STI protection during period sex.

An STI can be caught or transferred at any time. STI protection has nothing to do with period. Nevertheless, a disease like HIV may be simpler to spread with period bleeding.

Pregnancy Risk During Menstruation

You can become pregnant while on your period, especially if your menstruation is shorter and you have intercourse at the end of it. Pregnancy is possible because sperm may survive in the vaginal canal for five days.

If you’re frightened of becoming pregnant, find the appropriate sex toy to meet your sexual cravings. A bb doll’s silicone sex doll ensures a highly realistic and accurate appearance and a genuine feeling when getting intimate.

What Are The Advantages Of Period Sex?

Higher pleasure is one of the most significant advantages of period sex. Because your hormones are in overdrive during your period, you may feel more comfortable orgasming from contact or intercourse. Orgasm can also help with period cramps. Feel-good substances, like dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins—our bodies’ natural painkillers—will be released during orgasm, easing the agony of period cramps and indigestion.

There’s also research that shows sex during your period might make it go faster. Every orgasm that releases oxytocin into your body to relieve cramps is accompanied by a contraction that aids in flushing away the lining of the womb more quickly than if left unchecked. It isn’t to say that one romp will make your period disappear by morning, but it will cut it short enough that you’ll notice a change.

Period Sex Needs More Lubrication.

The most significant advantage may be that penetrative intercourse is easier for both participants. Many individuals recommend menstruation fluid as an excellent, natural alternative to conventional lubrication. Menstrual fluid is genuine and the right consistency for getting it on with your lover.

Cramps May Be Relieved By Having Sex During Your Period

Cramps are one of the most distressing PMS symptoms women have to endure. Fortunately, period sex can assist with this. According to a study published in The Atlantic, vaginal stimulation changes the neurones in the brain, hence raising a woman’s pain threshold.

It also applies to menstrual cramps: penetrative or oral stimulation can help relieve discomfort, and it’s a lot more enjoyable than taking a couple of Midols. And indeed, sexual activity can help you get rid of the headache.


Not everyone likes having sex during a period, so it is better to know how your partner feels beforehand. It is crucial to respect your partner’s thoughts and emotions, and communicating with them might bring you closer together.

There are alternative ways to fulfil your horny if your spouse is not ready and becomes aggressive to sex. To satisfy your sexual cravings, you can use a silicone sex doll as a real-life partner.

Furthermore, if period sex comes up in your mind, use this guide to understand how it’s made. As a result, you may rest guaranteed that your first-period sex will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Post Author: Sky Felipe