Learn how a test of loyalty runs through the escort service

Before we deal more closely with the test of fidelity, we must first ask ourselves why it is necessary at all. If you look more closely at the statistics, you can feel really queasy. The statistics promise nothing good. Men and women are so distracted these days that they can easily engage in a fling. In fact, it is much easier today than it used to be to spend one or more nights with someone else. And if we are honest, that is exactly what is being propagated by our society. So today it is not so easy to stay with the same person for a long time.

The fact is that people cheat much faster today. This does not necessarily mean that you take the first opportunities through an escort service to get involved in a “hot” night. But the fact that such opportunities are immediately tangible makes it difficult for many people today to be loyal to their partner.

According to have emerged out of loyalty tests, which people can use to check the loyalty of your partner or your partner. In this article, we clarify what is involved with the loyalty test and how it is used.

How do I have to imagine a loyalty test?

A loyalty test is actually a hidden Test to find out whether the Partner simply gets involved with another person. For example, a woman in the USA has subjected her boyfriend to a nasty loyalty test. She has put on her partner a porn actress, which should seduce her husband. The girlfriend could, of course, watch the whole spectacle without her husband noticing anything of all this. Of course, one can ask oneself whether such a test of loyalty is moral. However, it can also be claimed that a loyalty test is a legitimate means to verify the loyalty of the partner.

Loyalty tests can also trigger an unexpected action. For example, the man in the USA felt so annoyed that he ended the relationship on the phone when his girlfriend called him for the loyalty test. The loyalty test had left such a strong effect that the man literally fled from the porn actress. She asked him if he wanted to be gay after he didn’t give up his number. Furthermore, the porn actress had asked the man if he would not like to participate in the next film. At some point, the man could no longer defend himself. He even came up with the idea that you could meet three or four times.

How does a loyalty test work for a man?

In the end, more and more loyalty tests are carried out for husbands and partners of escort ladies. If the man no longer comes home at usual times or is constantly working overtime, then something can not be right. The woman then naturally wonders whether the man has no desire to come home and sleep with his wife.

From these tendencies even companies have emerged, which act entirely on behalf of jealous partners, in order to find out whether the loyalty to the partner still exists.

Companies and agencies that perform loyalty tests, apply deceitful methods. The client describes to the agency which type of woman the husband particularly likes, with which the agency then selects the right decoy. Thus, the husband can meet the decoy in the Sauna or in the regular pub.

Even in London, there is now a test of loyalty of the agency, which finds out whether the husband or the wife is true. However, this agency does not give exact details about its approach. After all, one must also see the whole thing in such a way that an agency for loyalty tests does not represent therapeutic help for difficult problems in a marriage. It’s not about tricking the man either. With good tests, you have to be careful, because, in the end, the victim might end the relationship immediately.

How exactly does a loyalty test work?


With some research on good test agencies have pointed out the following:

First, you should contact the agency for loyalty tests by phone or e-mail. The contact form on the website can also be used for this purpose. Once you have sent the request, a loyalty expert will immediately take care of the request, answer questions and explain the further procedure.

The next step is to select the test variant. There are different variants and you should be advised directly in case of doubt. For this, the agency of course also needs information about the person who is to be subjected to the loyalty test. There are SMS tests, personal meetings and much more. In any case, the agency will try as best as possible to select a test variant that is perfectly tailored to the initial situation.

Next, the loyalty test is performed. A faithful tester carries out the Test with the selected Person during the test execution to the client-side, in order to ensure high quality.

Finally, the customer receives a written protocol for the Test. For example, the log can receive transcripts and screenshots of the messages during an SMS Test.

Why arrange a loyalty test with a woman?

There are also occasional calls in agencies from men who have no certainty in their lives and in their partnership. Many men suffer greatly from not knowing if they are being cheated by their partner. Women are not always completely open in this regard and tend to conceal difficulties. In the end, however, the man can feel if something is wrong. But he must also be able to prove this. He can be helped with a loyalty test by a callboy. If the partner really does not behave loyally towards her partner, then this woman will not pass the loyalty test.

Many men who want to arrange a loyalty test with a woman are biased from previous or current relationships. They were disappointed or their trust was broken because there were already incidents such as cheating or obvious text exchange. Other men, on the other hand, want to make sure that their partner is also the right one for their life. Therefore, they also conduct a loyalty test before the wedding. However, a loyalty test can also be carried out before moving into a shared apartment or if you are involved in child planning.

However, a loyalty test should not be carried out for fun, but only if the man feels that something is wrong. In this case, he should always rely on his gut feeling.

So the man can Commission the agency for loyalty tests to carry out a loyalty test in the form of SMS, phone, e-mail, chat or personal meeting. Depending on the customer’s wishes, different goals are pursued here, such as the exchange of telephone numbers, the appointment to a date or the exchange of messages via WhatsApp or Facebook.
How far does it go with the loyalty test

There are different test variants for a loyalty test. The partner can instruct the agency to conduct a test via SMS. Furthermore, a test can be made via phone, e-mail or chat. If you decide to attend a personal meeting, a decoy will be provided in a public place such as the sauna, restaurant, bar or club.

For different events, the loyalty test can be carried out by an escort

  • Loyalty party of an escort at the Oktoberfest.
  • A golf escort can be tested at the place of the faithful.
  • Let an escort test the loyalty while dancing.
  • Have the partner checked by an escort on holiday.

A loyalty test can go very far. A loyalty test should therefore not be carried out simply for fun. It’s more about confirming what your gut tells you. Because it is often the case that at the first signs of infidelity we immediately feel this. Unfortunately, however, one can not immediately prove that one is cheated by the partner or by the partner. Therefore, a loyalty test is also carried out. However, a loyalty test is often controversial and the partner would certainly not be happy that it is subjected to a test. Therefore, you should only perform the loyalty test if the partnership is at stake or you feel that something is wrong in the relationship.

The client receives the data in the form of screenshots during an SMS, e-Mail and chat test. In a telephone test, the conversation is recorded. Then the true test agency shall draw up a protocol, which the client via e-mail. If a personal meeting is held, the conversation will be recorded. However, the recording cannot be made available for legal reasons. Therefore, the client receives a written protocol. In some circumstances, however, photos can also be made available to the client. the result of the loyalty test is usually obtained within 1 to 14 days after the start of the test.

What data is required for a loyalty test?

If a loyalty test is carried out, the client must provide some data. First of all, you should first describe what the Partner looks like. It is then about providing more information to provide a “decoy”. Should there be a personal meeting, then of course further information is required. The client should provide information about their preferences. For example, the agency should know here which women or men the person to be tested particularly likes. Furthermore, the agency should also know where the person works, which pub they visit at what time, which sauna they go to or where the weekly workout is carried out. Basically, the more information the detectives get, the higher the quality of the loyalty test.

Who can arrange a loyalty test?

loyalty prank

If doubt and uncertainty arise in a partnership, one or the other will feel it. Many then opt for a loyalty test. With the help of a professional decoy, it is quickly determined whether the partner is susceptible to flirtation or flirtation. What may sound uncomplicated at first glance, however, often proves to be proof that the basis of trust in the relationship is no longer as pronounced as at the beginning of the relationship.

Of course, the step to a loyalty test is not so easy. Therefore, you should only consider this if you feel that the partnership is no longer going so well. Most of the time you should listen to your gut feeling.

On the other hand, like any other test, a loyalty test cannot always be an absolute guarantee. This also means, of course, that rejecting the loyalty Ester does not necessarily mean that this person must necessarily be faithful. If a loyalty test has been positive, the loyalty test can be carried out again at a later date. In this way, the validity and reliability of the test results can be increased.

Is a loyalty test better than a lie detector?

In a loyalty test, the detectives’ test as escorts at events in the following situations:

  1. Clubs and bars.
  2. Holiday resort.
  3. Corporate travel.
  4. Hotel.
  5. Digital via WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail and social media.

If a personal meeting is desired, then the testers go to the appropriate places and try to get in contact with the target person. However, the testers do not have the goal to provoke a dangerous situation. It’s all about finding out in a suitable conversation in which direction a real meeting would move. In most cases, it is possible to find out as quickly as possible how the target reacts and what would have happened.

Basically, there are differences between a loyalty test and a lie detector. In the case of a lie detector, a trained specialist will perform the test directly with the target person. A lie detector is a biosignal device that reveals with a probability of 99 percent. In this respect, the truth can be found out very quickly. However, commissioning a lie detector is also associated with a higher effort in most circumstances. First, the target is also involved in the vision. So the test cannot be done covertly. In order for a lie detector test to be performed, the target must also agree to participate in this test. In many cases, however, this can be very unpleasant. If such a test is carried out, both sides will be shown and made obvious that the basis of trust in the relationship is damaged.

In a loyalty test, this test can be performed covertly. This is more pleasant for both sides because only one person is involved in the action, while the other person watches the action from a distance and receives the results in the form of a written record. A loyalty test is also not as complex and expensive as a lie detector.

On the other hand, a loyalty test is not always ethnic. The fact that only one person knows about the test raises moral questions, whereas with the lie detector at least both people know what happens.

Overall, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. The question of what is better is not so easy to answer. Which test you choose depends on how open both sides are, what the basis of trust is and what preferences you have. If the partner asks the partner for a lie detector test, this is rejected in most cases. In a loyalty test, the partner does not have to be asked. The test is simply carried out without the other party noticing anything about it. You can quickly get the final result and thus gain more security and certainty. However, such a test sometimes has to be performed several times. If the target decides against the decoy, then, of course, this does not necessarily mean that this person is absolutely loyal. External factors such as the decoy, the environment and the mood of the target person are also incorporated here. Sometimes a loyalty test has to be performed several times until you get valid and reliable results.

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