How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom with Your Long-Term Partner

One of the best things about being in a relationship is learning from each other and becoming familiar and comfortable with one another. When this happens, they become someone you trust implicitly, someone you are comfortable with, and someone that feels at home. If you aren’t careful, however, this sense of comfort could go the opposite direction and make you feel bored or unsatisfied.

Discuss What You Want with Your Partner

We all have kinks and fantasies, and while your partner does not have to do your every fantasy, that does not mean you should not discuss them together. If something you have always wanted to try is too much for your partner, there is likely a compromise to be found.

Whenever it comes to sex, you must be open, and communication is imperative when you try something new. This way, you can continue to feel safe and secure in your relationship, even as you introduce new or unconventional additions to your sex life.

Try Out Toys

A great, simple way to spice things up in the bedroom is with sex toys. These can improve pleasure – particularly female pleasure – and introduce new scenarios in your sex life. Shop online together at stores like and pick out new toys and explore the range of options. Far too often, people remain in their sex routines because they don’t know how they can change it up, so on top of buying a few things to start, see where exactly you can take your sex life with the available toys and keep discussing advancing your use of toys in the future.

Try New Scenarios

Role-play can be a very fun, easy way to spice things up in the bedroom. A simple, easy one to start with is to simply pretend you are strangers in a bar and who happen to run into one another. Pretending to meet each other for the first time can be fun and a great way to flirt with one another in a fresh, new way.

Role-playing can mean pretending to be in different situations or different people. Play around, see what works for you, and remember to have fun with it.

Try New Things and Go to New Places

Sometimes all you need is a new environment. Try new things with your partner (both in and out of the bedroom) and go to new places. Booking a hotel for the night (or day) can be a great way to make it feel special.

Try New Positions

Just as introducing sex toys can help spice up your sex life, new positions can do wonders. Don’t just try things out, either. There are many amazing positions out there that you can try out and adapt from there. Do be careful, however, as some require prep, and stretching, and might need you to be more flexible than you are currently. Work with what is within your range, and build up to the more difficult positions. The right angle can change everything, especially when you use the other tips in this guide.

Post Author: Sky Felipe