How Are Friendship Apps Helping People Cope With Loneliness?

The most dreadful part of being an adult is realizing that not many people resonate with your thought process and beliefs; also, the people who have been integral to your close circle of friends seem to differ from your opinions. This happens to many of us, and very few are lucky to pull off a like-minded tribe throughout their lives.

Most of us end up being alone and unhappy in a monotonous set up of our lives. We consider ourselves “too mature” to reach out to people we meet daily to approach friendship. Sometimes, we convince ourselves by seeing a long list of virtual friends on various social media channels. Although we hardly know or speak to the majority of them. To restore fun and excitement in the lives of people like these, tech sectors have come up with the idea of creating applications where we can meet people online and make friends.

Following are some of the prominent features of friendship apps, making it a fun junction for wannabe friends.

  • Meeting point of like-minded people: These apps are enabled with the feature of sorting out people according to your specified area of interest so that you can grow your own community of folks with similar interests and make friends online who can also hang out with you offline.
  • No fear of judgements: People suffer from various illnesses, mental disorders, or clinical depression. Their trigger factors may differ, but most want to talk their hearts out and tend to be in a vulnerable space most of the time. It can be a video call app that allows such people to connect and share their struggle stories to motivate and support each other.
  • Connect on a video call without being catfished: Some of these apps have unique features that allow you to connect with your online friends in a video call and do a live video chat without displaying your phone number. This helps to eliminate the uncertainty factor, especially if connecting with someone for the first time.
  • Unleash the extrovert within you: For those who want to gab non-stop, an audio call app provides the facility of calling your go-to folks instantly through a voice call or a voice chat, and calls can be scheduled with a timer. So that if your wavelength doesn’t match with the other person, the call will disconnect on its own, and if you wish otherwise, you always have the option to extend the call.
  • Women can build their own space: Some of these apps are women-centric in providing the options of their desired platonic soulmates depending on their age, interest, and stages of life. Women searching for academic and professional growth tend to move out of their native places. They sometimes deal with a situation where they need support from other women to be motivated and keep going. After all, being in an intimate relationship is not everything a woman craves for.

These apps are like any dating app where you can swipe left and right according to your choices and preferences, but you can look out for your platonic soulmates. The ones who will always have your back.

Post Author: Sky Felipe