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The psychology behind the dominant relationship is not obvious. There are numerous explanations and theories, leaving a space for everyone to cite their answer and realize their fantasies. One of the main reasons is; humans are a social animal, and everyone wants to get connected to others. No one likes to be isolated for too long, wants to belong to someone. Human emotions and relationships are complex; one knows the true nature of those. Femdom is the chain, which is used by two people to create a linkage. Mostly it centers on a masochist theme. One person accepts dominance, and the master is the center of attraction.

What was taboo yesterday is perfectly acceptable and appreciated today

Female domination is not a new phenomenon; it existed in much older days. In the 21st Century, women are flying combat aircraft, marching forward in every aspect of modern society. But female dominance started ages before. Many civilizations were not patriarchal but matriarchy. In Matriarchy, women ruled many regions of Europe, Asia, China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The matriarch is also prominent in Greek, Celtic and Amazonian mythology.

In modern society, female femdom is creating a buzz in each new day. Click site to find hundreds of female domination and related videos. Inside or outside the bedroom, females are no more shy to show their dominance. Many elite pornstars are taking up the role of the master rather than being dominant. As this genus of porn is becoming popular, new people get involved, new boundaries are set. What was taboo yesterday is perfectly acceptable and appreciated today. Apart from specialized porn websites on femdom, there is tons of homemade femdom content in the digital world. With the advanced smartphone, webcams the playground is extending from the bedroom to the public domain of the internet. In domestic female domination is forcing the male to lick her toes.

There are many websites where you can vote and spell your most loved female supremacy fetishes. In 0one video, a female uses a strap on a dildo attached to her waist, enjoying an anal penetration of a submissive male. This sexual act is commonly known as pegging, where a female master with a strap-on dildo fucks a male slave’s ass.

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