7-Period Positions that can boost Your Fun

Building intimacy with your loving partner and adding some creativity can change the whole phenomenon that will spice up the bedroom experience.

Well, there is nothing wrong to get stuck with a few sex positions that give you mind-blowing pleasure and satisfaction but what about the periods well, still; there are a lot of positions available that you must try at once.

Here, we are listing 7-period positions that can boost your fun at indian Escort Agency :-


Spooning position can be great fun while having periods and surely you will forget the menstrual cramps.

Just lay down with your partner so you both your sides are in the same direction and place your hands on your partner’s chest or waist area and start slowly by inserting the penis for More Click here .   

The cross

This position is also amazing and leads through orgasm. Tell your girlfriend to lie down and lift her legs and put around the head making a cross or X and hold tightly her ankles or knee area and start the game.

Anal sex

Anal sex can be a great idea if you are on periods and don’t want stains on the bedsheet. Simply lie down and lift your legs a little and make yourself comfortable and slowly start penetrating.

If you are a beginner it’s better to use lube due to anal sex can be painful for some people.


Missionary is the all-time favorite one. Simply lie down and let your partner come over you. Lift your legs a little and let him penetrate you slowly or roughly as you like.

Doggy Style

Lie down on your knees and use a pillow for a better position. Partner with penis hold the waistline area and penetrate you like a rock star.

Stand up Doggy Style

Stand both by facing in one direction and spread the legs a little so you can make a perfect position for you and make a grip by holding your partner and start the striking.


This position is easy and best for mutual satisfaction.   Sit on him on your knees and put your hands on his chest for support and have sex. Your man can easily touch your G-spot with your hands.

The Woman on top can feel the depth of penetration. You can also sit having your face towards his legs and put your hands on his thighs for support.

Post Author: Sky Felipe